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This is Uri Grey


Uri Grey’s talent as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer are all evident in her first self-penned and produced album “Lovelations” under her given name Shameka Dwight. Songs like “Roses Have Thorns”, “Always”, and “Start Again” have led others to describe her music as refreshing, organic, authentic, and meaningful. Uri’s ability to mix folk, soul, and pop styles resulted in a sound that’s vintage, rich, and soulful. Topics of love, struggle, and self-worth continue to be the inspiration behind her pen. She has worked over the past few years to define her musical style and was greatly inspired by Sam Cooke, Cyndi Lauper, India Arie, Joni Mitchell, and countless others.

Uri  has written for independent artists, and has since began to explore new sounds and approaches to writing that will be evident in her EP that is projected to be released April 2016.  Her goal is to have her music experienced by others through a mainstream release, film and television placements, and collaborations with other writers and producers.


Music, Lyrics / Uri Grey
Keyboard, Programming / Jaime Arroyo



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